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Nip Tuck Seasons DVD 1-7

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Nip Tuck Seasons DVD 1-7

Post by cloose123 on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:00 pm

I really like this show and the characters, On the good side: (1) some attempts at satire of the series (2) many guest stars (3) interesting cliffhanger; The bad: (1) some plots that were so ridiculous that I laughed out loud (one character's death in the middle of the season was so ridiculous that I thought it was a dream at first!) (2) fewer and less interesting surgeries than the other seasons (3) many unresolved plot lines and far less overall coherance than the other seasons (4) the villain did not get their just desserts (yet) - usually the series concludes with some kind of closure, but there was no closure of any of the plot lines! (5) the other seasons were provocative, but this season was just trashy (e.g., "gasp, it's a swinger's party" - but we already saw something similar in Season 1) (6) far less use of characters such as Julia and Liz. During this season it really felt like they were running out of ideas (I wonder if it will be possible for Matt to be in a more screwed up relationship!) Hopefully they will wrap the series up in the next couple of seasons and end on a good note.

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