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the office dvd 1-6

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the office dvd 1-6

Post by chen1991 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:42 pm

let me clarify my title a little. i'm a huge fan of the show and i own all 5 seasons on dvd and watch the new episodes religously every thursday night. up until season 6 i think every season of the office has its own charm and strong episodes especially seasons 3 & 4 which i believe are the strongest and near perfect. season 5 was really great but you could tell it was starting to lose its steam, especially the second half of the season. specifically starting with the episode that aired after the superbowl (fire drill). it seemed forced and like the writers were trying to cater to a larger audience via post superbowl viewers. it was like they saw the ratings for that episode and said "hey! we should start writing the episodes like this with more accessible/obvious humor cuz apparently people like it!" And that they did. the majority of the remaining episodes are great with some unforgetable moments (with michael starting his own paper company while pam gets promoted and ryan gets brought back) but it seems like the show was drifting off on a tangent toward the end and i felt like there was something "DIFFERENT" with the show. when i say "different", i mean i felt like i was being betrayed or someone was trying to pull a fast one on me (as weird as that sounds).
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