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A Lot of fun

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A Lot of fun

Post by tinalovedvd on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:44 pm

I got my money's worth out of this. Everytime you see this DVD it gets funnier.
I have True Blood shop just become a Family Guy fan and it's just awesome.Obviously not all the episodes buy Burn Notice series 1-3 are equally funny, but in general it's a pretty good show that you shouldn't pass by....Stewie and Brian rock!!!!! Lie to Me boxset 1-2 season
This is a review for CSI:Miami series complete both the new slim set and old boxed set versions of this DVD.VOLUME TWO IN GENERAL:Volume Two contains the second final season of Family Guy (because it was cancelled after season two as well). Also known as season three. It has all 21 season three episodes plus the never aired (at it's time) episode, "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein"BOX SET:The boxed set has the Griffin family on the front and the usual description with features on the back. Inside there are three thin plastic cases with the same cover as the box set cover, just with a different color background. On the back of each case there are episode titles The King of Queens 1-9 boxset seasons with descriptions and features if on that disc. Each disc has different 24 hours dvd 1-8 set artwork on it: Criminal Minds seasons complete 1-5 Disc One is Peter, Disc Two is Stewie, and Disc Three is Brian.Slim Set:The slim set has the same front and back cover as the old set but less artwork inside. The disc Gossip Girl boxset 1-3 collection artwork is still the same, however. Rome complete 1-2 collection The bonus features are still the same.If you want to order the boxed set, go somewhere else like Ebay or [...]If you don't mind the slim set, go ahead and order Amazon.THANKS FOR READING!
I'm a big fan of "Family Guy", and when i Mad Men dvd box set heard about the lawsuit against this episode in the second DVD set, i was curious enough to buy it and watch it for myself.Don't know it if was just my DVD player, or The Sopranos 1-6 set season if the version i have is poorly edited, but the last line that Peter delivers in his song "when you wish..." is garbled, even though you can read his lips and figure out what he's saying. Also, when Lois arrives in the Synagogue to save her son, the video jumps while she's running towards The West Wing season boxset 1-7 them and the next thing you see they're leaving and The Mentalist seasons complete getting on the bus, as though something had been cut Ghost Whisperer season box set out. (her actually stopping the ceremony) personally, i'd rather see Fringe episode dvd this episode in its original form, and it seems odd that i would have an issue with this disk right at the most controversial points. granted the second incident Charmed complete boxset 1-8 could just be coincidence, or a scratch on the disk, etc. i only mention it because i have read that there has been some differently edited versions of this The King of Queens seasons 1-9 dvds episode broadcast.
what more can I say. If you are a family guy fan? you have to have this one... and ALL the others. great fun !
Season 3 is arguably The Mentalist 1-2 complete boxset the best of the series; after season 4 it can be described as a steady decline.
I have acutually owned this before but it got stolen. so I had to order it again, its the greatest tv show I have ever seen! I Leverage set collection 1-2 reccomend this to anyone who wants to laugh non-stop for hours!
Hilarious! A great gift for anyone age 15-45 with a great sense of humor!
This DVD volume presents the third season of Family Guy, which is also probably the best. The characters are firmly established, the pacing between the Robin Hood complete seasons 1-3 stories and cutaways is excellent, and the balance of crude and clever humor is just about perfect. Like many others, you will probably watch these The Office set complete 1-6 episodes and wonder how on Earth Fox ever decided to cancel such a terrific show.The episodes here come from Family Guy's peak. The show would get How I Met Your Mother tv series on dvd canceled following this season, and even though it came back, it never quite matched what was done here. Key among the episode list is "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein," the show's infamous banned episode. While I'm normally not one for commentary tracks, the creator commentary on this episode is very illuminating not only as to the messed up logic that Fox takes when deciding such matters but also in illustrating how badly the network seemed to have it in for Monk collection 1-8 set this show.Family Guy, volume 2 might as well be called Smallville set 1-9 series "The Best of Family Guy." For folks who have never seen the show, it is a great introduction with some classic episodes. For those who only started watching after it returned, these episodes blow the The Mentalist dvd sale current ones away. And for those who where to buy Nip Tuck enjoyed the show in its heyday, this volume is a great reminder of how terrific McFarlane and company were before Fox decided to pull the plug all too early.
I bought Supernatural season 1-5 series this set to see a single episode, "to live and die in Dixie". I like family guy but don't watch much TV. This episode was one of the funniest complete True Blood dvd things I have ever seen. I'm an English guy living in Tennessee. The episode was totally non PC and thus honest and funny. I have watched a few other episodes on the set and they are also very funny. CSI:Miami complete dvd 1-8 This is a 3 CD set of a very original and funny series, Prison Break season 1-4 dvds no regrets in buying The Big Bang Theory dvd collection this at all.
This is just a great deal! The product is in great shape and the price was right! I'm very happy with my purchase and am having a ball watching it now!


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