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great season, color problem?

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great season, color problem?

Post by tinalovedvd on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:45 pm

for all Family Guy fans you already know this was a great season. my only small complaint is that when watching the dvds, sometimes the color flickers. like Lois's hair or a bright red shirt.
i have watch this show on tv, and i bout all Eureka collection season 1-4 the season on dvd, there are extended things on the dvds that u dont see on Oz complete 1-6 set tv which i like
Family guys is simply one of the best shows on TV. 24 hours series season 1-8 Grab a friend, a beer, and a few hours and try not to laugh your The Sopranos dvd 1-6 season butt off!!
This is by far my favorite show on TV. As a long-time Simpsons fan, I was skeptical when The Family Guy came out and never watched it until after it was on DVD. I'm glad I did. I bought all the DVDs to Nikita collection complete 1-5 catch up and now never miss an episode. It's the funniest show around.
Absolutely nothing is sacred in this family and, unlike the Simpsons, it doesn't have a somewhat gooey ending where everything turns out okay.There are moments when you'll laugh so hard you'll be crying, Friends 1-10 dvd complete choking, or both. From a wise-cracking infant to an idiot oldest son to the daughter who's shooing away one Mr. Goldman to a dog who's into all things intelligent, to a husband and wife who head this dysfunctional family, it's all for a laugh (translation: it's *not* to be taken seriously).Glad to see Oz collection complete the series has been revived! - Donna Di Giacomo
I've never seen FG Season 3 because I was not into the show when it was on the air and I've heard they were the best (S 1-3). I think it is funny and find the current seasons are good also.
This is the last season to be clean and not dirty although there are some parts that are still weird like Lie to Me complete collection when Peter was upset at Chris because he had a bigger well you know what I mean. In later seasons there is a lot more curing and more violence and they insult a lot of people. This season barely has any of this and everyone should get it and say that this is much better than later seasons although the later seasons are still good too in a weird way.
I bought seasons one and two as a christmas gift for my nephew. Turned out, Hawaii Five O 1-9 he already had it. I found this out before I gave him the gift and had to hastily run out and get him another. I never did take back the DVDs, though, and they sat there on my shelf for Supernatural season collection 1-5 a long time.Then, at the urging of a friend at work, I took a gander at the first disc. The rest is personal history. The series is funny as hell. I don't get to watch a lot of prime-time Robin Hood 1-3 complete season TV since I'm at work those hours, but I can't imagine anything funnier on TV. Everything seems to be safe and cookie-cutter. Not Family Guy. I loved seasons 1&2 and I loved season three. I cant wait to get season four (which I just ordered).One review complained about the stories not having any plot. Who cares...the show will make you laugh until you cant breath. I actually love how the show's stories seam to start one way and end up completly different by the end. Great stuff, I highly recomend.
Family Guy really hit its stride in this season. The animation is much improved and the musical numbers are just insane! To Live and Die in Dixie, The Thin White Line, Mr. Saturday Knight, Brian Wallows and Sanctuary collection Peter's Swallows, and Death Lives are probably my top 5 in some order. The viewer mail Leverage series 1-2 collection episode is hilarious too, especially the one where the family gets super powers. The pop culture references come rapid-fire - Facts of Life, MTV Spring Break, Jesus Jones, My Fair Lady, the New York Mets, Gallagher, Star Wars, the View, the Dukes of Hazzard, Seinfeld, and so many more! The guest voices include Adam Corrolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Waylon Jennings, Oz series Kiss, Ben Stein, Jenna Jameson, Hugh Downs, and Will Ferrell. Some of Family Guy seasons 1-8 dvds the funniest jokes are the one-liners: "That was Merle Haggard with "I kissed my sweetie with my fist" (on the radio in episode To live and Die in Dixie). The "Uncensored" special feature is really funny, the deleted, there is a reason they were deleted. I could also do without Brian's Monk season boxset 1-8 gay cousin Jasper. This collection is a must-have for any comedy/animation fan, just for the lost episode When You Wish Upon a Weinstein (especially the scene with the nuns and the Penguin from Batman).
Such a great season!! It has all the laughs of the first two Star Trek Voyager episode dvd seasons and then some. Seth McFarlane and the rest of the crew from family guy put out the same incredible unique cartoon experience we have seen with a slightly different style then the first couple seasons. We see a couple new characters come on to the seen and they are later seen in the fourth season as well. The same good old fashion family guy Entourage box set series with a little bit of a face lift!!! Great Buy. A must have!!
After 2 seasons of experimentation, Family Guy hits Merlin 1-2 box set dvd it's stride and punches below the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season belt. After being canceled and resurrected, Family Guy tickles your funny bone, shocks your eyeballs, and pokes fun at everything and everyone. You know that you think the same things that Family Guy actually has the nerve to say to your face! It's honest, daring, and always "just for fun" (dare not be offended).... And if you're not careful, as you meet the zany cast and hear what they have to say, you might actually learn a little bit about yourself too.
TV's most disfunctional cartoon family is all here, Star Trek Voyager dvd seasons and their final season (until they got picked up in 2005 by Fox again--a rarity in the entertainment industry) sparkles with the Smallville dvd season 1-9 typical one-line, flatulent-heavy humor that Family Guy became famous for during its first three season run. The genius behind the show, mainly due in part of creator and star Seth McFarlane, Seinfeld 1-9 box set collection has hardly been as appreciated as it should have been, Entourage seasons boxset largely due in part to the usage of cruel humor and hurtful celebrity-bashing the show bases much of its plotlines on; but people need to look past the crude fart jokes to see Family Guy is truly a freakin' sweet (thanks, Peter) piece of TV magic. This show doesn't require any insider, delve-in-deep intelligence or insight to enjoy the show, and that's part of the reason Family Guy rocks so hard. Like the best of SNL, Fox's born-again Family Guy is one of the best shows out there, regardless what conservative extremists may say.
I am astounded at the garbage that is on TV these days. The two funniest cartoons ever to hit the air get canceled in their prime: Futurama and Family Guy. The Family Guy is funnier and as intelligent, possibly more intelligent, than The Simpsons in its first five seasons, and infinitely better than The Simpsons now.Instead, we have been left with pathetic attempts at cartoon humour like King of the Hill and the last few seasons of Simpsons. Family Guy is at worst, hilarious if you're not Friends 1-10 collection set really up on your 70s, 80s and 90s pop culture, and at best, absolutely lethal if you are. I've come Dexter set seasons 1-4 close several times to bursting a Ghost Whisperer set complete vein in my neck laughing.And, for the record, this show wasn't canceled because it was offensive, it was canceled because network executives are frigging idiots. They never gave it a steady time slot, and did little to announce any changes they did make. Also, a lot of people are idiots. Some close-minded morons say Ghost Whisperer complete dvd collection they don't like the show because the baby and the cheap Leverage series dog can talk. Does everything have to make sense? What doesn't make sense to me is that Survivor is still on the air and this isn't!Seth McFarlane is a comic genius and this show is a masterpiece of cartoonery. Now, Fox is planning on bringing it back. 50 episodes just aint enough.
Family Guy is the greatest and funniest tv show of all time and this dvd captures the sheer greatness.
This is The Office 1-6 collection the best volume of family guy, 3rd volume and stewie movie included, hands down. Although volume 1 has the three funniest episodes in my opinion, not every episode is good. Meanwhile, in this volume, every episode is solid and watching the 21 episodes in the third season is incredibly enjoyable and funny. Think abut Two and a Half Men set series it like this: This box set is so good that im rating it better than other family guy titles.Buy it!!!!
i'm pretty sure my sister is getting me this for christmas(and i hope she does). either or, this is the best show ever!


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