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pure hilarity

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pure hilarity

Post by tinalovedvd on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:45 pm

family guy dvds are actually what got them back on t.v it sold over 90 The Sopranos season collection 1-6 milions of its dvds vol1 and 2.if they didnt put family guy on dvd the show woudnt have come back.if you love family guy then this will please you the special features are ok but could have been for collectors it has the unaired`when you wish upon a Buffy the Vampire Slayer complete 1-7 season weinstein`plus its got a cut version of the pilot episode.highlights;road to europe,family guy viewer mail 1,emission impossible,scewed the pooch,death lives,well all the dvd!lowlights ;none exept the specials features but they are still good.if you think about bying it go ahead,its fun to re-watch because t.v has been better.
no matter how many times I see any episode of this series, this show just never gets old... this set will have you laughing for hours...Family guy is certainly one of the better shows in a small handful of great shows from fox, that tend to get put out before their time... Just plain wrong it had to be cancelled while at its prime, especially when the idiots at fox continue to release so many retarded shows like Meet Your New Mommy or whatever ridiculous new reality shows they are coming out with!!!!
I was watching family guy since the beginning. I bought both DVD box Supernatural complete sets and love the show to death. its so good you can watch the same episode each day Chuck series collection 1-3 for the next month and still laugh so hard at that episode that you cry. This show is crude, insanely low brow, and it is on the edge of being sent so late-night tv. But it's still pure genius. Each episode just as funny as the last. Now on to the DVD. the on-screen layout is fantastic. (One small annoyance, there is no play all button). the extras Breaking Bad series 1-3 are good (although there could have been more) and the unaired episode is hilarious Battlestar Galactica seasons 1-4 dvds (the producers were worried about this episode from the beginning, so when it was finished, they sent copies to several rabbis, who all found it acceptable and funny, but fox still turned it down).WHY FOX CANCELED THIS SHOW I HAVE NO IDEA!! AND THERE ABOUT TO DO THE SAME THING TO FUTURAMA!! WHY OH WHY???? In summation, buy this DVD, Two and a Half Men 1-7 boxset season now!
I do not consider myself a particularly politically correct person, but occasionally I do feel a sense of "oh my god I don't believe they put that on" on this show. The strange thing is, the one unaired episode is really not that concerning to me. The commentaries are also not Scrubs episodes on dvd very good (sometimes you can tell when directors are not into them). That said, this is a freakin' sweet series. Very funny, and comparing this to the simpsons is like comparing apples to oranges (the educated dog, the really dumb kids, the baby actually talks). I like both.
Family Guy must be the single greatest animated comedy show ever made. There is not one episode that is not funny. Gilmore Girls 1-7 box set series The creator, Seth McFarlane, is a genius. His humor is witty and he makes use of every scene to bring out Robin Hood box set dvd 1-3 laughs. He has a unique style in his Doctor Who season 1-5 writing that incorporates flash back sequences. This tactic gives him the opportunity to put in hilarious (and often ridiculous) scenes into the show without disturbing the flow. The characters follow the basic formula for a sitcom family. Peter is the fat, stupid father. Lois is the smart, sexy wife. Chris is basically his father with an adolescent twist. Meg is the daughter that is desperate for attention. These characters alone are enough for a hit show, but McFarlane adds a few twists. He includes a cultured and facetious dog and a one year-old boy that is bent upon world domination; Scrubs 1-9 dvd seasons that is after he kills his mother, Lois, first. Each character is guaranteed to make you laugh and those are only the primary characters. The secondary The Tudors dvd season 1-4 characters (for example, the sex obsessed friend of Peter's, Quagmire) are pure gold. One thing that is found in the Family Guy series that is not found in many other comedy cartoons is Leverage box set collection 1-2 the quality of animation. Don't get me wrong, the animation does Gilmore Girls 1-7 seasons boxset not look anywhere close to realistic, and I am not advocating that it is. I am saying that the animation plays a role in the comedy. It is entertaining watching the look on Lois's face when Peter tells her something crazy. It is a shame that the show was cancelled, but there is news that every Family Guy fan should hear. Since Family Guy started to air on Cartoon Network, it has gotten better ratings than Jay Lenno and David Letterman for the 11:30 time slot in the 18 to 35 demographic, which is the most valuable demographic by the way; and the DVD sales have grossed more than they could have ever hoped for. As a result, Fox is bringing it back on the air sometime in the beginning of 2005. The will also be sporting an unheard of 15 writers to be on their team. Not only that, but Seth McFarlane is also creating a new show that will be on Fox later this year. Spread the news. Not all TV shows have gone to the dumps. Salvation is on its way.
Family is the best series i have seen. And i mean that! I have seen every episode in the series multiple times and Castle collection set 1-2 i know own the season 2 dvd. I have watched this thing over and over and the laughs keep on coming. The dvd Mad Men set seasons 1-4 is Amazing and has a lot of Sons of Anarchy 1-2 set complete featurettes. Theres some behind the scenes studio footage. Interviews and commentarys on a few episodes. Sadly there are not many commentarries only about 2 per disc and there are 3 discs included. You just cant go wrong with familily guy. Im many ways i think it even surpasses the simpsons! And thats a tough thing to do!
Any of us Sons of Anarchy complete season dvd who appreciate the new "adult" cartoon genre know why Fox just can't complete Chuck dvd give up on Family Guy. Although this series is juvenile, vulgar and endlessly offensive, it is genuinely entertaining. While it may lack in the depth that the Simpsons offers or the intellectual stimulation of Futurama, Family Guy makes up for its shallow substance with jokes that can appeal to everyone. Those who are offended by one politically incorrect slur can take heart in the fact that the show will soon make a mockery of some group that they are not a member of. Those who are Fringe 1-2 box set less easily offended can find entertainment in the jokes that make fun of themselves and others. Best of all, Family Guy is tailored to viewers whose brains have all but been rotted away by the television. There are cloaked references to television, movies, music and all kinds of pop culture that will bring a nostalgic grin to any child of the 80's. I NCIS 1-7 set series for one know that I will be waiting with a drool-dripping moronic grin for the next season to be released on DVD.
Funny, smart, and some what wity. Why couldn't FOX just let these characters develope a little bit more? The third season, to me, showed me how some of these characters started to develope. Example, Stuie, a closet gay? Anyway, its a travesty that this short run had to stop, maybe Seth should sign up with another network to continue the series.
An equal-opportunity offender, "Family Guy" took the standard sitcom family, added an erudite talking CSI:Miami box set collection dog and a leather-fetishist baby set on world domination, and let the jokes fly at a dizzying pace. It's Breaking Bad complete set 1-3 an acquired (bad) taste that rewards the few, the willing with big-time laughs."Season 3" comes in a three-disc Gossip Girl 1-3 season series set that looks and feels like the studio's splendid "Simpsons" boxes. (Fox' ani sets are a lot like TV Weeds season dvd 1-5 itself -- slick presentation, familiar formats, few sudden turns).Creator Seth MacFarlane and his work buddies render commentary on selected episodes, sounding like they're in the middle of a beer bust, or recovering from one. Fox adds an adult-material warning, for good reason.Bonus features are a lot more generous than on volume 1. Two decent featurettes, Star Trek Deep Space Nine seasons collection "Uncensored" and "Series Overview," will orient disoriented newcomers. Animatics revive 28 deleted scenes, some pretty funny. MacFarlane's animated pitch, a rough version of the pilot episode, unspools in its entirety.Fans get their holy grail with "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein," an episode rejected by Fox. The story, about the Family Guy's imbecilic beliefs about Jews Castle dvd 1-2 complete and money, made it to post, but then Fox "chickened out," MacFarlane says. Archie Bunker never would have made it onto the air in the PC era, he and his pals conclude.
In the 2nd and final volume of Family Guy keeps the laughs coming with Peter's over the top antics. In the 3rd season the series goes more in depth with Breaking Bad 1-3 collection complete its charecters and become even funnier that the first two seasons. You have to get these hilarious 18 episodes including a never aired episode. If you don't think this show is funny well then you just don't like comedy. GET IT NOW! You won't regret it.
I have yet to find anything, show, movie, or real life, that is at least as funny as Family Guy. After about a year of searching (...) I came up with nada. Family Guy's quick wit, and Smallville complete dvd clever writing offends anyone and everything it can. Basically, if you're watching it you'll be offended whether you know it or not. It has good uplifting moral values for all to enjoy(...). Well actually it has NO values of any kind. This show is probably intended for the viewers who are old enough to understand what's going on in the world. That does not include people over 60! Well, anyway Family Guy is a great buy at any price. (...)
Family Guy is the Best animated show ever. It is hilaious. I never Law & Order dvd heard of the show when it was on Fox, but watch it every night on Cartoon Network. I also own the Volume 1 DVD. It was the best $40 I ever spent.Recommend it.


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