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entourage dvd 1-6

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entourage dvd 1-6

Post by cloose123 on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:01 pm

Having heard about Entourage for a couple years now, I decided to finally give it a shot after prolonging it for quite some time. The show didn't look that appealing to me and the main actor who plays Vincent, Adrian Grenier, just seemed like a `B' actor to me. But after I kept hearing my friends talk about the show, I decided to pick it up at a store here in Iraq. It has all 4 seasons in it for like 30 bucks... hehe.

After a few episodes I was really into the show. It's definitely funny and that's what I wanted. To truly enjoy the show, you must let common sense go, because it just doesn't go well with this show. One prime example is that Vincent Chase is a lead star that's just had a huge movie premier. He's a big name actor (sorta) now and he's got a pretty boy face to go with that role. But he can go anywhere he wants around town and never seem to get swamped with fans or the paparazzi. If you can let the little things go, I believe you'll truly enjoy the show.

Now Vince is an up and coming star and he has his boys from high school with him along with his old brother Johnny `Drama' Chase. Drama, as most call him, is what you would call a `B' actor. Most of his stints have been not big characters on some popular shows such as Melrose Place and Viking Quest (which I'm thinking is supposed to be Hercules) and some not so known shows as well. Turtle is one of the good friends, and his main job is to be a driver and do certain errands Vinny needs. He's not Vin's slave by no means, but this is how he earns his keep so he doesn't have to be a full blown moocher. Eric is Vince's best friend and has been since they were about 6 years old. Eric has his head on his shoulders and is here to try and help Vince with his career. He's not trying to be a mooch, but just trying to help his friend. Vince makes Eric his manager to help with scripts and to make his life easier. And when I say easier...I mean it as in Vinny doesn't have to talk to Ari Gold (played BRILLIANTLY by Jeremy Piven), a cold hearted, hard as nails, wise cracking, smart butt, genius, and on the top of his game agent. Ari and Eric's arguments are some of the best parts of the show. Both hard headed and both trying to help Vincent, but in somewhat different ways. The whole cast is great and definitely grow on you as the season(s) goes on. Along with the cast you also have a LOT of big name cameos. I was quite surprised to see so many.

What I love about the show is that it makes life seem so fun being rich. Once Vinny makes millions from his first movie, he buys a huge house for him and friends to live in. Cars for them. They take trips when they want. Just hang out and do things we all wished we could do. And when someone like Jessica Alba talks to them, everything is so nonchalant. If it was me, I don't think I'd be able to even speak. Ok maybe I would, but my words would come out all Jibba Jabba like.

And yes there is a story that goes with the show. In season one the big thing is getting Vincent another movie while he's hot. Eric puts a hurting on that because Ari just wants whatever will get Vincent big money, while Eric wants to help get Vinny a good script regardless of the money. Like other shows, it has one `main' theme for the season, while each episode has a mini-story itself.

All in all, I'm very happy I tried this show out. Very funny and I highly recommend it. Especially to guys, even though I know a lot of girls like it too. But like another reviewer mentioned... Entourage is sorta like a Sex in the City for guys.

The show does have a LOT of language that isn't suitable for children in my opinion. Some nudity (though not much) is also in boobs!

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